Would you like to know how my clients can lose up to 21lbs in as little as 6 weeks?

Do you ever wonder why other people seem to have success with their diet far in excess of what you achieve?

Whatever you try, you end up eating 'bad foods' and destroying your hard work?

Would you like to learn the methods I use with clients to help them achieve their goals?

You've tried Lean in 15, Weight watchers, Juice Plus, Isagenix, Slim Fast and Herbalife but you ended up gaining weight in the long run?

Bemused as to how your friends on facebook are getting lean drinking slimming tea or juice but when you try it you get nowhere?

Starting to get annoyed at yourself and 'diets' in general?

Pat - lost 26lbs

"Once you get in to it and understand portions it is very easy to follow. 

You can make the plan work for you , in real life. 

It's not like being on a diet"

You may have even bought into one of these clever marketing adverts but didn't get the promised result

Of course you would

But I know you may have read things like this before

You're trying to do an awesome thing 

So why should you trust what I say?

How about this

That 'key' or 'secret'

 It Doesn't Exist.

No seriously, it doesn't.

But there's plenty of people 

willing to rip you off.

By telling you it does.

But if you'd really like to know how to lose weight


Can you spare 2 minutes?


Without the sting in your wallet/purse/manbag


I'd like to show you how my clients

Lose weight.

Save money.

Stay lean for the long term.

Tom Blackman


BKM Nutrition

Target Lean programme

You're not alone

In 7 years I've helped numerous clients in exactly the same situation get the results they wanted

Did you lose weight then put it straight back on again after?

Think back to your last diet

"I’ve lost over a stone since I started Target Lean and my attitude towards food is now positive and I enjoy eating now."

"I had no control over my eating habits, I was constantly binge eating and then skipping meals. I was starting to develop a really bad relationship with food."

Cat - Lost a stone

"My eczema has improved which has given me the confidence to wear short sleeves!"

Kate - lost 21lbs

"I was always hungry, binge eating.  I'd tried most diets, weight watchers, slim fast

The best thing about working with Tom was the program was easy to understand

I lost 5 inches from my waist in 6 weeks"

Amber - dropped a dress size

"I lost 4kg in total body weight.

I specifically managed to reduce my waist by 8cm and dropped 1 dress size.

I also managed to add a little size to my lats and create a little more shape to my shoulders and traps as a result of training alongside the meal plan"

Sounds too good to be true?

I'd like to tell you a 'secret' about fat loss

But it's not REALLY a secret

It's just not sexy

Or jazzy

Or able to sell overpriced diet shakes

Fat loss happens when you eat fewer calories.

'Thanks brainiac, I knew that already'




Weight Watchers

Slimming World

Gluten Free



Let's look at some of them

Take out carbs

Reduce carbs

Calorie cycling

Counting Calories

Counting Calories

Food group elimination

Food group elimination


I can guess what you're thinking

Eat Fewer Calories

Eat Fewer Calories

Eat Fewer Calories




You get the idea

But what about all these other ways I've heard about?


My friend lost weight and just ate a different diet

Ok what about these shakes that make you lose weight?

You probably wasted your money 

Well the industry will hate me for this but

It's all a bit of clever marketing

You absolutely don't need them


But before you click off in disgust at me

Just ask yourself one thing

Why haven't you done it already?

If it is so easy. 

If you know what you need to do.

How come you keep failing?

But not many 'KNOW' how to actually do it

Everyone 'KNOWS' how to lose weight

I'll save that for the people 

Who took your money 

Without caring if you actually got any results

I'm not asking that to patronise or insult you

I respect anyone that is trying to lose weight

Eat Less

Move More

No Nice Things

Misery, Dispair, Cardio

I have dieted for years for competitions

It's not a nice thing to do

It's hard to be strict every day

Without going crazy,

Killing loved ones,

Eating through your arm in hunger

Matt Law, 41

"I have cut in the past and stripped fat but in a very unbalanced, unhealthy way, starving myself and doing lots of cardio, which made me feel ill."

"The best thing for me is to be able to train, work, be on what people call a diet and still be able to eat what i need without feeling hungry."

Diet GURUs or The Shakes and Pills brigade definitely do not keep it simple

It's not in their interest

How many times have you heard

'Latest breakthrough'

'Miracle Weight Loss System'

'This will be banned soon'

'People are going crazy for'

'The latest thing from Australia'

Where everyone is bronzed and toned and lives on a beach

Why do they do this?

Short answer,

To make more money

Simple doesn't sell

In every one of these diets 

You'll find a common theme

A Hook or Unique Selling Point
(powder, juice, pill, ketones)

Supported by a low calorie diet

The meals were easy to make as you get so much variety and what surprised me the most was portion control.

When dieting before I would eat healthy and ‘think’ my portions were smaller, when in actual fact I was still over eating for what my body actually needed.

I was what we all call a yo yo dieter, I was never happy with my weight so would diet.

The problem was sticking to a diet as I tend to get bored very easily, also leading a busy life as a single working mother to two small children I found it difficult to eat well

Kerry, working mum

DOLLARZ for them

The other stuff is meant to make it sound awesome


'Cutting edge'



To flog you some 'secret formula' 

Which they say is what gets you results

Justifying the stupidly high cost

and you 'may' lose weight

Don't believe me?

Check the small print

Somewhere in it will be the words 

'as part of a calorie controlled diet'

A low calorie diet

It's generally this which gets you the results


Over scienced hocus pocus


Some fancy pill or shake


Diet 'Guru' Formula

This is the honest truth, I really have an issue with people being ripped off on the promise of a easy weight loss system where you have to buy a ton of fancy supplements.

If you take only one thing away from this  - never buy into that over scienced, jargon hard sell.

Pics from Target Lean members group meals

You CAN lose weight eating normal food and no 'fat burners'

There are NO FAT BURNERS on Target Lean

There is NO Magic Fat Loss Pill

Believe me, I competed for over 10 years in bodybuilding 

I've won numerous trophies

Guys and Girls getting shredded are NOT using these products

Not legal anyway

Certainly not some raspberry ketone 

apple extract herbal woo woo powder

It's part of their program

Out visiting family

They still lose weight

Just on their terms

Late picking up the kids

Can't be bothered to cook

Dominoes text you a deal

So what about you?

That's right.

My clients eat junk.


Fancy getting a win for once?

That's great right?  

They work?

Short term yes

Long term you fail


Forgot your lunch

McDonalds is on your way home

Not eaten all day

Epic Feast

All of these things throw you off the plan

Then it's basically the end of the world

So you think '**** it' and just eat more 

Then when you wake up from a food coma

You remember how nice those 'banned foods' are 

you eat more

and more

and within a few days


you're back to where you started

Out for a meal

But the problem with all of these diets 

They've already planned for it.

No Carb

Low Carb

No Fruit

No 'junk food'

No eating after 6 or whenever

Herbal teas



blah blah blah

Life gets in the way

Is they place restrictions on your foods

Stressful day at the office

Putting you in a calorie deficit

Making you lose weight

No magic woo woo powder needed

On the road all day

Sound familiar?

I hear it every week from my clients

That something's got in the way of their diet

But here's the thing

Tea and Biscuits



My clients know how to deal with that situation

Not sure what is good or bad

Take a gamble

Eat everything

How about eating food you like and losing weight?

Pics from Target Lean members group meals

First of all let me say 'Well Done'

I absolutely mean that

You've got out of your chair. 

Tried to do something about your weight

That the previous diets failed YOU 


It FAILED YOU because it didn't address the fact that a human's willpower always cracks

Being Human is not your fault

The diet failed YOU because it

DIDN'T stop you wanting nice food and 

DIDN'T give you enough food to curb that hunger

I don't have the key secret that broke the internet

I apply the science

It works

Clients lose weight

I get paid

Everyone's a winner

I'm not going to sit here babbling to you about 

'Your genetics are bad'

'Your metabolism is broken'

'Your thyroid is suppressed'

Will you let me help you?

I'm a no nonsense guy

For £2.40 a day

I'm an evidence based nutritionist

That means I use

researched and established

methods with my clients diets

Target Lean is a Group Based, Online, Weight Loss Programme 

With Individualised Diet Plans

Over 6 weeks I will help you to understand food better


You will finish knowing how to keep the fat off

Online weight loss programme

No Magic Potions or Powders that cost you hundreds 

Clients lose an average of 1kg a week

Online weight loss programme
Online weight loss programme
Online weight loss programme

Group support system increases chance of success

I'll show you how to keep the weight off 

Target Lean is not 'revolutionary'

By that I mean it's NOT: 

A stupidly low calorie diet that you can't stick to

A magic fat loss powder or drink that costs you hundreds and does TOTALLY NOTHING

Restrictive of certain foods - you can eat carbs, fats, whatever

Charlotte lost 11kg in 12 weeks

"Tom has helped me make a permanent, positive change to my lifestyle without a faddy diet"

"I struggled with my weight for years, trying every diet going and thinking I just couldn’t lose weight."

"My diet has changed massively since working with Tom. I can eat my favourite foods and still get the results I want!" - Ceri


No Pills?

No Magic?

No Secret Diet?

You won't go hungry

Eat up to 4 meals a day with 2 snacks

Every food is matched to your calorie needs

Over 60 foods to choose from

You pick the foods 

Only 12 Places Available

On Call Nutritionist to Help You

Weekly Live Video Consultation

6 Week Weight Loss Program

Get usable and helpful information from Day 1

Menu of Foods Tailored to YOUR Weight Loss Targets

I set the amounts you decide what to eat

Small Groups get better results.  

I want you to get results

Live Group Q&A session I don't sign off until everyone is finished

Build Your Diet From Foods YOU Like

No bland foods if you don't want them

Ask any question in the group.  I'll help you find the right solution

Join the hundreds of people I've already helped lose weight by eating foods they like

no green days, red days

No syns, No hard to understand patterns.

You seriously get to choose the foods you eat from over 60 options

Just food you like

When you want

In the right amounts

Its not a con 

Its not complex

6 weeks

£2.40 a day

Can you afford not to try

The program is run via a Private Facebook Group.  If you have any problems just ask a question in there and I will get back to you within a few hours.  I'm always on call for you.

Yes as long as you stay within the calorie limits I set you then you can technically eat what you want.  However I'll show you how to eat more sensibly so that you aren't hungry all the time

I totally understand that.  For years I didn't want to work with online clients as I liked the face to face feel of working with clients.  However I've found that with the group setting I still get to know all my clients and I've worked with people I've never even met and they've got results - see Charlotte above.

Can I really eat what I want?

Frequently Asked Questions

Join the club, everyone finds it hard sometimes.  That's why I will show you how to plan for weekends and social events so that even if you go off diet you can limit the damage and still lose weight

I'm a little unsure about online programs

I find it hard to stick to a plan

If it's online how do I contact you if there's a problem