Eat the foods you like

Lose the fat you hate

Sound too good to be true?

In the next 4 minutes I'll show you how my clients have lost up to 20lbs in 6 weeks by only eating foods they like and without complicated meal planners or exhausting exercise routines

How I help people lose weight

"There's not many diets I have not tried, some with success. But as I need to diet long term I had trouble sticking to them"


Lost 21lbs and was able to reduce her pain medication that the extra weight was placing on her joints

"Once you get in to it and understand portions it is very easy to follow. You can make the plan work for you , in real life. It's not like being on a diet"

It wasn't always easy for my clients

They failed to keep the weight off 

after they return to their 'normal' lifetsyle.

But they do have an impressive selection of diet books 

right next to the dress or jeans 

they plan to get into someday

My clients have spent an average of £200 

on miracle weight loss products. 

That their programs told them they HAD to buy 

for the program to be effective. 


That's in addition to the cost of the program

Detox, Weight Loss Teas?  

They've completed it mate,

apart from the weight loss part

They've cooked the meals, 

they've gone to the meetings, 

they've done the workouts 

or not even trained because the Weight Watchers Advisor

said that means you don't drop weight as fast

99% of my clients don't have the time 

or the desire to do endless hours of cardio.

Let's be honest, apart from Mr Serious Gym Guy 

that pops up on your facebook at 4am 

NO ONE likes doing ANY cardio

So why do a lot of programs involve very intense workout regimes?

They've all had a friend who's lost some weight 

on a magic juice or the latest celebrity detox super system 

that got Scarlett Johansson into that cat suit in Avengers

But it didn't really work for them and ended up in the bin 

along with the latest Geordie Shore exercise video

Most of my clients have tried 2 or 3 other mainstream 'diet programs' 

such as Weight Watchers, Slimming World or Lean in 15

They have all tried and failed before, 

numerous times,

 been near to giving up

 accepting that they would always be overweight.

They've done Paleo, Keto, 5:2 

because Science 

or Kim Kardashian 

Said this was the secret way to lose a lot of weight

They start new diets with great expectations 

and super high motivation


but very quickly got tired of blending Kale and detoxing their Chi every few days  

My clients want a NORMAL life

They want to go out for meals 

Without worrying what is 'safe to eat' on their plan

They want to eat foods they like 

Not some cauliflower substitute for chocolate 

Which tastes like anything but chocolate 

They want a simple way to know how to eat what they like, 

in the proper amounts so they can lose weight healthily.  

More importantly they want to keep it off for the long term

"I’ve lost over a stone since I started Target Lean and my attitude towards food is now positive and I enjoy eating now.

My eczema has improved which has given me the confidence to wear short sleeves!!!"


Gained confidence by losing over 14 lbs and improving her skin condition

"I had no control over my eating habits, I was constantly binge eating and then skipping meals. I was starting to develop a really bad relationship with food."

What's the main problem with 'diet programs'?

This Diet Can Do One!!

Most diet programs will have some hook or gimmick that drew you in. 


The Secret Sauce or Super Technique that "blows everyone else out of the water"

Before long this thing that appealed to you at the start soon becomes a noose around your neck

So there you are happily (or not) suffering with not eating enough food, 

throwing up after your 3rd HIT session of the day 

but you're making some progress.

Despite wanting the torture to end and you'll happily confess to anything 

if you can just have a smell of some carbs, you persevere as you can start to see things happening.

Tight Restrictions on Food

You can't follow the program for a few days then you realise you hate it

Sticking to them?

Very quickly you stop doing the program and gain the weight back

Anyone can diet for a week or two.  

It's easy to keep motivation for a short period of time.  

Work or family life happens 

Which throws up problems

Tracking Macros/Calories

Green/Red Days


Confusing Meal Plans

Unrealistic Exercise Targets

Most of us can do some utterly crazy stuff for a few weeks if we know we are going to 'get something' at the end

So I decided I would create a program that not only gave the client a tailored diet which was calculated to their calorie requirements 

but was also simple and easy to follow with all the foods laid out for them on a menu

It would also help show the client how to tailor their own diet so they could have complete freedom and control over their food

I have channelled all my knowledge and experience into my weight loss program

So that losing weight is uncomplicated and simple for everyone that participates


I'll show you how to keep it off long term

As a Professional Nutrition Consultant I have helped hundreds of clients over the last 7 years to lose weight without extreme measures

But Dieting doesn't have to be this way

In fact for my clients, it is absolutely not like this

In that time I have seen so many people come through my door depressed and unhappy with their weight because of their 'failure' to stick to a plan 

When in fact they were already lined up to fail because the plan they signed up to was not tailored to them and failed to consider their actual needs 

Tom Blackman - Director

BKM Nutrition


This program is NOT for you if:

You like buying expensive 'weight loss' products

You like doing endless cardio

You prefer being hungry every day

We also give you a huge list of foods in exactly the amounts YOU need to lose weight to start you off

I don't do before and after pictures

Were you expecting to see some amazing photoshopped transformation pictures?

I'm also not that great with photoshop

Weight loss programs shouldn't be just about how much junk in the trunk you've shifted

Yes my clients lose weight and can fit into clothes they didn't before

Yes some of them lose huge amounts of weight, all of them lose some weight.

But..... Target Lean is more than just a 'weight loss program'

Literally any fool can 'create' a weight loss program by just giving clients zero food and loads of cardio.

If you've seen the BBC Documentary 'The Crash Diet Experiment' you'll know that you can lose 2 stone in 2 weeks quite easily eat 800 calories a day, 

that's less than a large serving of chips at Nandos (1200 cals) 

or a Big Mac Meal from MacDonalds (1090 cals)

What about 'healthy meals' though like the Body Coach? 

Well Nanny Kath's beef stew for example is 1028 calories per 1 serving.  

The Body Coach's meals have been widely documented in the media as being very heavy on the calories

Even if they are totally awesome to eat and 'healthy'

'Healthy' doesn't always mean helpful for weight loss

Because you absolutely need to be eating fewer calories than you use in a day to lose bodyfat

Target Lean focuses on education and helping the clients to understand WHY they overeat and how to prevent that happening in the future

So that when you finish the program 

you're armed with all the tools you need 

to continue losing weight into the future 

until you find a weight you are happy with

Most weight loss programs have before and after pictures

They sell you a dream but do not tell you 

exactly what you need to do until you pay the money

Which you do

because you want to know the 'secret'

Then you find out

Kale and detox veg shakes - Just NO

You MUST track your macros - WUT?

It's a ton of exercise/cardio

Then if you have a problem you've got to wait 

2-7 days for a response to an email

You can't eat foods you like

You MUST buy their special supplements

If it ever comes....

Then what do they say when you can't follow it?

"That's your fault not mine as you're not committed enough, I have loads of successful customers"

Translation: "I have no idea what I'm doing or how to tailor my own plan for you"

EVERY program will have people that succeeded massively.  

Even if 98% of people failed

I'll be honest, Target Lean is not a miracle 100% success rate 'fix all' diet

Not every business is 100% effective, I'm not going to claim that

Anyone that does is a liar

But if you've got a problem with the program then we work with you to make it work for you

I offer a full money back guarantee if you're not satisfied in the first 2 weeks

I've NEVER had to give anyone their money back

I wouldn't and my clients don't


Because the ONLY thing they are selling is weight loss

So they've got to make sure that you get it

By any means necessary

Is this in your best interests though?

Would you REALLY be happy with severe food restrictions for the rest of your life?

Are you happy doing 2 hours cardio a day?

Like doing intense home HIT workouts 

to keep off the massive meals on the plan 

for the rest of your life?

Programs which promote ONLY massive weight loss are generally ones that are 

1. VERY restrictive

2. Require A LOT of exercise

Target Lean is NOT like these other diets


Well do you want to be a slave to the scales for ever or would you prefer to look in the mirror and not care about stepping on scales ever again?

Target Lean isn't just about weight loss


Body Shape improved, Lifestyle and confidence given a boost

"I wasn't in it to lose weight and I actually don't have any working scales so I have no idea about that, however, I have noticed a change in body shape and how I feel"

It's basically what you would do yourself without paying someone squillions of pounds

'Weight Loss' is easy for diet gurus 

1. Eat very low calories

2. Do loads of exercise

You'll lose weight quickly.

They will claim success.

But eventually you will cave in

You're only human

Not a Terminator


You put all the weight back on again

Once you go back to 'normal' eating

Why does this happen?

followed by the feeling of ice cream and pizza

This is around the time that my clients come to me for help




Stages of failed diets


Quite quickly the Diet goes out of the window and the feeling of failure ensues


The Diet a person tries to do cuts out loads of foods or restricts them too much

The weight flies off at the start so they think the diet is working

The person sticks with the diet despite the extreme hunger and tries to push through the tiredness.

 However the body has slowed down enough that you are not in 

a deficit anymore


Road Block

Over Restriction

Weight loss stalls and they feel awful.  

Annoyed at the fact that despite their efforts they aren't losing weight little cheats start to happen


The body quickly counters the rapid drop in weight by releasing more hunger hormones and 

reducing your activity.

Leading to extreme tiredness 

and constant hunger

Target Lean focuses on lifestyle changes

to help make you slimmer AND healthier

So after you finish the 6 weeks

You'll know how to stay lean

You'll have a bit more muscle

You'll feel more confident

Don't worry

You won't turn into a bodybuilder

"I managed to reduce my waist by 13.5 inches 

which meant I wore my belt 4 loops tighter and dropped 1 dress size. 


I also managed to add a little size to my lats and create a little more shape to my shoulders and traps as a result of training alongside the meal plan"


Lost weight, dropped a dress size and gained muscle

Reduce Health Risks

How does Target Lean work?


We work out your calorie needs

Depending on the product you choose we work with you from 1-8 weeks in a group or 1-2-1 setting so that you get the level of support you need to keep on track

Using your unique details we work out using formulas and our experience what calories you need to eat so you can lose bodyfat


Here's the simple steps that we apply

We work with you so you stay on track

We apply your calories to our food menu


We apply your personal calorie needs to our menu of over 60 foods so you know EXACTLY what to eat

YOU choose WHAT 

and WHEN to eat

You'll get a 20 page personalised plan detailing all your food maps and how to structure your day so it works for you.  Each person's structure will be different


You get a personalised plan

Tailor your meals around your day

3 Main Meals a day

Busy job or life means you sometimes can't sit down to eat 3-4 meals a day?

You won't go hungry

Pick your breakfast and snacks

We show you how to have total freedom

Choose exactly what you eat

Eat more on the weekends or at special events without spoiling your progress

No problem as we show you how to eat smaller snacks on the busy days and still keep within your limits

"I've done diets before and couldn't eat foods I liked so the diet was very difficult"

We will show you how to eat the foods you like and still lose weight

But I'll be honest, 

if you like eating only cake and chocolate bars.


You will be hungry a lot more

Because yummy cakes don't really fill you up

All food contains calories.

 How you balance the calories you eat 

with those that you burn in a day

 Determines if you gain or lose weight

Eat less than you use and you're into bodyfat burning

What if a food I like isn't on the list?

Or I go out for a meal?

Not a problem we show you how to use food logging apps to add any food you like to your day

We also show you how to budget for meals out and takeaways without calorie counting

"I've tried eating less before and I always fail and put all the weight back on"


Lost 10lbs - Gained confidence and now enjoys eating out

"I achieved a 10lb weight loss and gained a whole lot of confidence, the best thing about it was I no longer have a feeling of self loathing and failure.

I have tried weight watchers in the past but was eating too much free food.

I now have the confidence to eat out, I felt like I was opting out of social events"

"I have tried weight watchers in the past but was eating too much free food."

I am a vegan will there be enough foods for me?


Target Lean has a full vegan menu with a wide range of vegan protein sources for you to choose from 



Pea Protein


Soy Protein

Soy Yoghurt

Private Client Support Group

You will never be without help to reach your goals

Share your successes

Ask a question any time

Support when you need it

Weekly LIVE Video Q&A

Get useful ideas for meals

Share your recipes

Eat well and be happy

What you get in Target Lean


A Tailored Diet Plan for Your Fat Loss


24/7 Support in the Client Group

No Huge Workout or Cardio Routines


Develop Self Confidence and Enjoy Food Again



Daily Emails to Keep You Motivated

Weekly LIVE Video Q&A 




No Weekly 'Weigh Ins'

You Choose Your Foods



You Choose When You Eat

No Calorie or Macro Counting needed

"When can I start?"

"It's the best thing I've ever done"


Staying consistent meant big differences

8 weeks of Full VIP Coaching is normally £300


Each client's diet is tailored to them.  You will get your plan and client book within 2 days of payment.  You will get access to the group within a few hours of signing up

Tailored Diet Plan

8 Weeks of Full Support

Facebook Support Group

8 Live Video Consultations

Daily Info and Support Emails

Personal Coach for added support




Tailored Diet Plan

6 Weeks of Full Support

Facebook Support Group

6 Live Video Consultations

Daily Info and Support Emails 

Tailored Diet Plan

1 Week of Full Support

Facebook Support Group

1 Live Video Consultation


You can start Target Lean at any time


The Target Lean program starts the following Monday.

Hear what my clients say about my methods before you join

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